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City parks are an ideal place to host events such as company, family, and church picnics as well as outdoor fitness classes such as yoga. Our gazebo in Southside Park is perfect for weddings and photos. 

When completing this application, review and complete the application carefully. Make selections that best describe the event you would like to book, try to be as accurate as possible.

Once you have submitted an application, staff will review and let you know if there are any questions, concerns or what the next steps are to support your request. 

Please note that submission of any form or application does not guarantee approval of your request.


Event Information

Type of event:



Park name



All permit holders using city-owned or operated facilities must provide proof of $2 million ($2,000,000) liability insurance naming the City of Woodstock as additional insured to confirm the permit. This is required at least 14 business days prior to the event and must include the Corporation of The City of Woodstock as an additional insured.

Any third-party vendors invited by the permit holder to participate in the event must also be approved by the City of Woodstock and must additionally provide their own proof of $2 million ($2,000,000) liability insurance naming the City of Woodstock as additional insured. This includes photographers, clowns, vendors, food operators, etc.

Some events with higher risks (i.e., inflatables and provision of alcohol) may not be approved. If approved, you may be required to provide a minimum limit of $5 million ($5,000,000). This will be determined by the nature of the risk and is subject to approval by City of Woodstock staff.

Please note, these are the minimum insurance requirements, however depending on the length and type of activity, more insurance may be required with higher limits and/or endorsements.

Will you/organization provide $2 million / $5 million in insurance coverage?


Select all that you would like to have at the event. Selection is subject to approval.


Terms and Conditions

        City of Woodstock policies: 

  • All persons attending any function at any facility governed by the city shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner and comply with all laws as laid down by the municipal, provincial or federal governments.
  • The City of Woodstock enforces zero tolerance of violence, vandalism and inappropriate behaviours by participants and the general public.
  • As per the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, smoking is not permitted within 20 meters of any city property.
  • The use of open flame, pyrotechnics or other hazardous materials are prohibited on city property. 

    Responsibilities of the permit holder:
  • The permit holder using city property assumes full responsibility for the proper supervision of any activities they conduct therein and are solely responsible for any claims arising out of their supervision and hereby agrees to indemnify and save harmless the city from all claims, cause of actions, damages, losses or liabilities of any nature which are claimed against the city arising out of, in connection with and/or relating to the event.
  • The permit holder represented by the applicant agrees to recompense the city for any damage to property or equipment that may occur during the applicant's occupancy, or because of the use of same.
  • The property is to be left in the same manner as it was for the start of the rental. All equipment is to be returned to its original location and all garbage is to be put in the receptacles provided.
  • The permit holder is responsible for acquiring all necessary building permits and final approvals.
  • The permit holder is responsible for reviewing and being familiar with all applicable by-laws, city policies, rules and regulations and ensuring all attendees follow and abide by these for the duration of the permitted booking.

    Notice of cancellation and changes:

  • The city reserves the right to cancel any permit and close any function if deemed necessary, and/or retain full or portions of any deposit provided.
  • City of Woodstock staff must be notified in writing of any changes to a client account, including changes to contact persons, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Notice of any cancellations and/or changes to permitted time must be submitted in writing to the City of Woodstock staff by the permit holder with a minimum of 14 business days notice prior to the booking date(s), or full billing costs will occur. No cancellations will be accepted on any bookings confirmed within 14 business days of the booking date. The permit holder is not allowed to exchange, sell, or donate permitted time to another user group or individual without the written consent of the City of Woodstock.
  • The applicant understands and agrees with the City of Woodstock Outdoor Sport Field/Rain-Field Closure Standard Operating Procedure. If at any point an event is cancelled due to weather, equipment malfunction or facility issues, City of Woodstock staff will notify the permit holder of this and every effort will be made to accommodate the event at a time best suited for both parties.
I understand and accept the terms and conditions



The undersigned agrees that I/we have completed the application form and acknowledge that I/we have read and understand this application, and hereby agree to abide by. I/we execute this voluntarily with full knowledge of its significance. I/we agree that neither the City of Woodstock, nor any agent, employer or volunteer of either assumes any responsibility for any personal injury or property damage suffered in connection with the event howsoever (including negligence and excepting only willful misconduct) and agree to release and hold harmless such parties from any such claims for injury or damage. All applicants are responsible for their own insurance for their participants as well as their vehicles, etc. Please sign below to acknowledge receipt.


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