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City Tree Planting Request


Request a City tree! 

Did you know that you can request a City tree to be planted in front of your residence? The Parks Department - Forestry Division plants trees twice per year, in the spring and fall, depending on species. Tree planting is carried out by a contractor approved by the City of Woodstock.

Where will the tree be planted and who is responsible for maintaining it?

The tree will be planted on the City owned road allowance, in the most fitting location to each individual property. There is no cost to the homeowner for planting and maintenance of the tree. The City will perform all inspections, trimming and removals. The City does ask that the homeowner waters the tree during the summer months, for the first 2-3 years. A tree care guide with watering instructions will be provided to each household at the time of planting.

Why do we plant trees?

Trees provide many benefits to the urban community, including:

  • Reducing the heat island effect by cooling streets, parking lots, and driveways;
  • Reducing heating and cooling costs by providing shade in the summer, and wind barricades in the winter;
  • Aiding with Storm Water Management through water uptake and retention;
  • Reducing noise pollution and wind speeds;
  • Filtering air pollution;
  • Reducing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen;
  • Providing a habitat for wildlife;
  • Creating a sense of security and a healthier, more beautiful, community.


What trees are available for selection?

After a tree request is submitted, the Parks Department - Forestry Division will inspect the area of request and deliver to the residence a brochure of trees available for selection. This may take approximately 2-4 weeks after your request has been submitted. Note: The City Arborist will have the final decision regarding all tree selections.

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